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Beautiful Lila Lovely has wrapped her divine BBW big boobs in some tight red fabric before showing up to set. Considering this is a porn shoot, wearing something scanty is somewhat expected. But even by adult film standards, that dress might be too skimpy for work. However, her cock-stonefying outfit is nowhere near the biggest surprise of the day. Because for some unimaginable reason, the male talent who was cast alongside the thick goddess has failed to show. Lila and the crew were so shocked, that they waited for nearly an hour in hopes of their actor making a late appearance. Their reaction is completely justified. After all, who in the world would miss a chance to be served by such a sensational plumper babe? Let alone filming an anal scene with her, where he’ll have access to every single hole she’s got, no questions asked.

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Seeing this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he simply cannot miss out on, the chubby-chasing director, Jay, shoots his shot. He says that the stunner has spent so much time preparing herself for this scene, and waiting for her ungrateful costar, that it would just be a waste for them to postpone the shoot. And since it is only a big hard cock they’re missing, he can certainly help in that regard. He has the tool to meet the needs of such a dreamlike curvy lady, and he’s been hard-as-rock since the moment he laid eyes on those phenomenal BBW big boobs as Lila walked into the studio. Persuaded by the old man’s logic, the fat siren agrees to let him fill in for the MIA stud. Jay is then pushed to the very limit of his sexual ability. As Lila’s ass and pussy completely annihilate his dick.

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Latina beauty Karla Lane is one thick ass BBW who needs a real man to satisfy her. Wearing a super sexy lingerie set, she stands in front of the mirror admiring her incredible curves, before starting to strip down for a shower. With her extra-large assets all out on display, the chubby brunette walks into the shower. The hot water flowing down her glistening skin makes her feel a certain kind of way, and she finds herself unconsciously reaching for the hairy muff between her legs. The fat belle rubs her clit as she runs her other hand all over her body, touching herself has never felt so good. Meanwhile, Karla’s BF, Alex, walks into the bathroom. Oblivious to what’s happening right next to him, he washes his face. But the sound of cascading water mixed with the moans of a lustful siren quickly grabs his attention.

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Lured in by the sound of pure desire, Alex takes off his shirt and directs his attention to the thick ass BBW who’s too busy flicking her bean to notice his presence. A single tap on the glass is enough to snap Karla out of her libidinous haze. And the sight of her muscular hunk of a man staring at her with carnal eyes is more than a welcome one. After exchanging a kiss with his chunky princess, Alex steps under the shower with her. The stud pushes her against the glass as he fondles her breasts and caresses her soft body. The plumper then gets on her knees, satisfying her lover with her mouth, and he returns the favour by burying his face deep in her bush as he eats her out. What follows is 15 minutes of pure passionate sex that ends with cum inside Karla’s mouth.

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Dressed to impress on her first date with a man she met online, white BBW Amber Kush is looking to score tonight. His profile on the dating site said he was packing some considerable heat. And the wanton blonde would very much like to see that big cock he promised in action. With the action preferably being her pussy getting dicked down senseless till she orgasms all over the shaft inside of her. Considering all that is going on with the world, and while neither of them bothered to bring a condom in case their night goes well enough to have a happy ending, they still would rather pretend to follow the guidelines and wear a mask, indoors, with only the two of them around. Aside from the cloth on her face, Amber is wearing an almost-transparent lubricious pink outfit that barely covers her curvy body and juicy assets.

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If the slutty crop top and skirt were not suggestive enough, the fat vixen is also making sure to be as flirty and touchy as possible with her lucky guest. Fortunately for both of them, the chap is not some dense inexperienced introvert who cannot take a hint to save his life. And his reward for not wasting Amber’s time is a torrid night with a white BBW. She escorts him to her bedroom and they instantly let go of the casual barriers between them, instead opting to provide each other with as much pleasure as humanly possible. Starting off by worshipping every inch of her fine body, the guy then pulls down his pants and releases his phallic monster. After a well-executed oral performance, Amber takes her place on top of pole she worked so hard to erect. Their steamy time together ends with cum drenching the plumper’s boobs.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a connoisseur of high-quality BBW porn videos. And most likely, you are tired of seeing the same old overused settings and scenarios over and over again. Assuming you’ve been in the business of archiving the best chunky scenes for longer than a few years, you should know by now how rare it is to have more than one curvy slut featured in the same clip, let alone three of them. Sure, you can find a few regular gangbangs and orgies if you look really, really hard. But chances are, you won’t need more than the fingers of a single hand to count the ones you actually liked. One thing is certain at the end of the day. plumper reverse gangbangs are one of the most scarce types of adult material out there, that is why what we have for you today is very special.

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Alluring Karla Lane and Cayenne Amor join the queen of PAWGs Mazzaratie Monica on a mission to turn a lucky man’s cock into dust. And in the process, make a film that will all the BBW porn videos on the web to shame. The naughty goddesses have armed themselves with arousing lingerie that can guarantee a no-contact boner on-sight, regardless of whoever their fortunate target is. They finish off their makeup and have a little fun comparing their heavenly assets while checking to make sure everything is clear for takeoff. Karla then dons a sexy satin nightgown as she welcomes the well-endowed Derrick Pierce. The moment he enters the bedroom, he is instantly electrified just thinking about the unmeasurable amount of dreamlike pleasure awaiting him tonight. These chubby semen demons will escort him to a paradise of pure plumper goodness that he will never want to leave.

Thick BBW Rides a Hard Cock in Stockings


Having been with his thick BBW girlfriend Bunny De La Cruz for a couple of months now. It is finally time for Jay to introduce her to his parents. He is somewhat anxious despite his age, or perhaps because of. Considering it is long past the stage in his life where he’s supposed to settle down and start a family. However, he really thinks he found his second half this time. After all, nothing screams “This one’s a keeper!” like a curvy babe who’s always down to fuck, and enjoys swinging more than she does going to brunch. And with all the dating experience the older chap has accumulated over decades, he knows better than anyone that not every day do you meet a chick who will let you rail other women right in front of her (with the added caveat that she will be getting pummeled herself, of course).

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It seems there was a slight calendar mishap on Bunny’s part. As the plumper knockout seems to have mixed up the date of meeting her man’s parents with that of a wild swinger party they were planning to be part of. It all becomes clear once Jay sees the thick BBW walk into the living room dressed like the type of woman you expect to see standing behind an off-licence at 2 AM. The guy knows there is no point in frustration or complaining. Instead, he would like to make use of this opportunity to fulfill some urges keeping him tense since he woke up this morning. And after worshipping Bunny’s exquisite body, and being rewarded with a grade-A blowjob. He strips her down to her stockings and heels. His parents can wait, he has a much more important appointment with a fat pussy that’s begging for a drilling.

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Stunning Estella Bathory is shaking her BBW boobs and ass to some trendy pop song while cleaning up the apartment. Wearing nothing but a thong that makes her fat ass pop, and a crop top to turn up the heat up even further, her playful dance moves are definitely a sight to behold. With the sheer naughtiness emanating from the living room, Estella’s curvy lesbian lover, Mischievous Kitty, who’s watching porn in the adjacent room, finds it hard to keep her eyes on the screen. Feeling unable to resist that phat yummy booty bouncing around mere meters away from her, she thus leaves all her lewd browser tabs open, and sneaks up, or rather walks up, to the carefree plumper. The two bombshells sit on the sofa and talk for a bit. Kitty then opens up to her partner about lacking the confidence to let loose like she does.

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The sweet brunette reassures her GF and helps lift her spirits, telling her that she’s way hotter than she thinks she is, and that self-esteem issues have no place in the mind of someone like her. As the chat drags on, the babes find themselves inching closer to each other, and the longer their eyes lock, the more inevitable a passionate kiss becomes. They snog fervidly as they help each other get naked, taking the time to enjoy each other’s BBW boobs in the process. With both of them down to their cute panties, Estella starts playing with her lover’s pussy, before taking off that last bit of clothing on her. The heavyweight goddesses then take turns orally gratifying each other. To finish off their steamy activities, they spreads their legs wide and cross them together, allowing them to ardently scissor their way into a perfect mutual orgasm.

BBW Videos With More Than Just an Anal Twist


Think back to all the lewd BBW videos you have ever beat your meat to, and it will be easy for you to tell that this what fat chick porn is made for. The concept is really simple: What is the best way to highlight a plumper’s thickness throughout an entire sex scene? In other words, how do you make that babe’s curves pop, and become effortless to appreciate, when you obviously cannot keep the stud drilling her in frame for the entirety of the runtime. The answer lies in the number three. That’s right, bringing in a second slut, specifically a skinny one, can add so much more heat to the stale chubby girl formula that everyone has seen a million times and become tired of mere months after getting into adult films that feature larger ladies. It truly is that straightforward. Threesomes are the future of the industry.

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The sexy Sara Star has the honour of being the practice plumper for renowned masseur Jay Crew and his cute slender apprentice Everly Haze. The experienced pervert feels no shame helping his chunky client undress and sucking her tits right in front of his intern. After Sara becomes fully naked, she lied down on her big belly and lets the professional get to work. Young novice Everly quickly realises that her mentor’s highly-demanded services are more centred around releasing sexual tension, rather than physical one. And so she suddenly finds herself lying down on his massage table, legs spread wide, with his big dong going deep inside her trimmed pussy. The two of them then help Sara relax her butthole using Jay’s girthy shaft. And their rowdy three-way ends with cum flowing down the pink-haired slut’s natural breasts. This is truly what BBW videos look like at their very peak.

Blonde BBW Porn With Angela White and Courtney Trouble


Looking to shoot some sizzling blonde BBW porn with a girl as her costar for the first time, cutie Courtney Trouble couldn’t be more excited. Her elation is quite understandable, seeing as the babe who will be joining her for this scene is none other than adult film legend Angela White, who has risen to smutty fame in an unprecedentedly short amount of time thanks to those phenomenal natural jugs she has become iconic for. For someone like Courtney to share a shoot with such a superstar, and better yet have it be only the two of them there, is a dream come true for her. Because even though the fat sweetie has been in the lewd business for almost two whole decades now, like many +18 performers her size, she never got the chance to reach a more mainstream audience. But her fortunes are finally about to change today.

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The two newly-introduced bombshells prepare for their special scene by picking their favourite, spiciest lingerie. They talk about their long-standing admiration for each other as some insightful BTS footage plays, setting up the mood for a very personal type of blonde BBW porn video. At long last, it is time for the good stuff. Angela sits and waits for her heavyweight lover to walk in. Once Courtney arrives, she shows her idol how confident she is by taking the lead. The hot plumper makes Angela her obedient sex toy as the two of them swap places. They then take turns diving between each other’s legs, lustfully feasting on pussy like it’s their last meal. Pushing things a little further, Courtney pulls out a denma vibrator and pushes it against Angela’s clit, in the meantime she uses her other hand to fist the busty Australian’s cunt wrist-deep.

Hot BBW Knows How to Keep Her Man at Home


Alexa Gray is an incredibly hot BBW who is almost always craving a throbbing cock inside of her. Her partner, Jay, has spent the last 30 minutes dressing up for a party that he’s been looking forward to attending all week. Unbeknownst to him, the breathtaking plumper has very different plans for them tonight. She wants him to make love to her, and she simply cannot risk him going to that party, coming back all tired and wasted, unable to satisfy her lustful needs. Alexa is not worried at all about her chances though. She is an expert in seduction, and she knows exactly how easy it is for her to change her man’s mind about how he would like to spend the night. The thick stunner makes her move by grabbing his tie and pulling him towards her while capturing his attention with a wanton stare.

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The moment Jay is in range for a kiss, he uncontrollably answers his woman’s advances by locking lips with her. It really was that easy to make him forget something he has been excited for for an entire week. Then again, one cannot blame the old bloke. It is hard to imagine someone being able to dispel the charm of such an irresistibly hot BBW. With the two lovers’ thoughts and desires in synch, their lovemaking session commences. Alexa starts the fun by laying Jay down on the bed after pulling out his meat stick. A sensual blowjob ensues, in which the chubby beauty deepthroats her BF’s dick while caressing his balls. She then hops on top, riding the joystick like a perfect curvy cowgirl. After eating his lady out, Jay continues to pound her pussy, culminating in a hefty load filling her mouth and showering her huge knockers.

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When you see the name Sofia Rose, your mind most likely expects one thing and one thing only, that being BBW big boobs porn. That association is there for good reason, what with those monstrous knockers the Latina MILF is sporting everywhere she goes. Even with how little content of her there is out there compared to the hundreds of well-endowed plumpers in the adult industry, Sofia still managed to make a name for herself relatively quickly and her rise to smutty stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. Though it really is not hard to understand why she is so successful, when look at those fine curves and the two humongous funbags on her chest is enough to explain why men with their dicks in their hands love her so much. She somehow manages to bridge the gap between chubby chasers and mainstreams pornography audiences with those huge tits.

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Living the lavish lifestyle as she trains at her fancy home gym with her overpaid personal trainer, Sofia could not ask for more. Well, she actually kinda can, considering she has been super horny since she woke up, and there is a depressing lack of girthy cocks in her vicinity today. That is of course, until she remembers that her trainer can definitely help fix that for her. He certainly looks like he’s got a large phallic object beneath his pants. Next step, and easiest of all, is seduction. All it takes for the curvaceous queen to turn her lazy afternoon workout into a BBW big boobs porn shoot, is a few suggestive moves. Flashing her thong and cleavage in the bald bloke’s face, she has him smitten beyond salvation in mere minutes. Now begins the difficult part of trying to make him last till she finishes sating her desires.


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