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Delivering a hefty package to what seems to be an empty office, big-bellied brunette Sydney Screams simply cannot hold back her curiosity. She peers into the contents of the mysteriously open box and discovers a large lifelike silicone torso. With those six-pack abs and a massive rubber shaft attached to the bottom, Sydney’s mind starts to be taken over by the lewdest fantasies she’s ever had. She starts to wonder whether it would really be that risky for her to take the toy out of the box for a few minutes. After all, it seems everyone is out on lunch break for at least another quarter of an hour. Perhaps she could even take it for a little spin if she’s feeling extra courageous. Those synthetic muscles are looking quite hot right now, and she’s definitely not complaining about a rod that big, be it real or fake.

Walking in on a big-bellied brunette sliding her cunt on a rubber dong

Sydney leaves all common sense behind as she unwraps the heavy sex toy and places it on the couch. She then takes off her clothes and shoves the flexible staff inside her pussy. As the big-bellied brunette bounces on her new plaything, with her fat rolls jiggling in harmony, an old gent walks into what he expected to be an empty room. As he makes his way inside, an aura of lust and desire surrounds him. When he finally notices the plumper, sitting there bollock-naked, crushing the torso with her huge ass while the toy cock is still inside of her, the man is at a loss for words, to put it lightly. And when he confronts Sydney with her actions, she begs that he remains silent. He’s certainly not going to do it for free, so she offers him unfiltered access to her massive assets as a reward.

Hairy Redhead BBW Brings Out the Special Toys


Welcoming you as she flaunts her the bright strands resting on her shoulders, hairy redhead BBW Kendra Lee Ryan is here to please, and she most certainly does not need any partners. She has done her due diligence before stepping into the bedroom. And it easily shows once you see the extra-skimpy pair of underwear she chose for tonight. He large natural boobs are restrained by a sheer black bra that allows for a premium view of her erect nipples. The many strings holding the bra tight serve to show how heavy the load it’s carrying really is, and also give off a most lecherous vibe. As for that matching black thong she is wearing at the bottom. Well it is hard to call it “underwear” when there is so little fabric that it barely manages to cover anything at all. Not that anyone is complaining, of course.

Tagging along for a solo ride with a hairy redhead BBW

The outfit itself was probably enough to help any undisciplined penises in the audience stand up in reverence for Mrs. Ryan. But for those extra-stubborn members out there, she still has a lot in store. The hairy redhead BBW starts off by lasciviously playing with her hair and boobs. She squeezes the two jugs and makes them bounce up and down in an erotically hypnotic motion. Then she turns around, showing off her fat ass as she begins to twerk on the bed. Throughout the entire process, Kendra’s lewd words serve to only enhance the arousing nature of every move she makes. After finally removing her bra, and putting those fantastic milkers on full display, she is now ready to get serious. Thus she proceeds to rub her hairy muff, then produces a unique sex toys which she uses to fuck herself till orgasm.

Asian SSBBW Crystal Blue Needs Help Blowing off Some Steam


When Jay rang Asian SSBBW Crystal Blue asking if she would like to star a scene with him all the way down in California, he did not really have any expectations about her agreeing to it considering just how short-notice the whole thing was. Even if he lucked out and the plumper happened to not have any plans in the next few hours, it would still be nearly impossible for her to make it on time, especially considering she would be driving her way there. Against all odds however, not only was Crystal down for it, she also Need for Speeded her way to the set and managed to arrive a bit early even. The long drive did take its toll on her though, and by the time she entered the building, she was desperate for just about anything with a phallic shape to help her blow off some steam.

“Chad” meets Asian SSBBW Crystal Blue, and her hungry hungry cunt

The porn deities answered the mega fat slut’s pleads, for the moment she walked into the set, she just happened to find a large lifelike sex doll sporting a huge rod. Minding her manners as all well-behaved nymphos do, she introduced herself to it as the infamous Asian SSBBW Crystal Blue, known for her insatiable desire for cocks that can keep up with her size. Seeing as the rubber man is not particularly talkative, and unfortunate consequence of not having a mouth. The fact that it’s an inanimate object does not help matters either. Being generous as ever, Crystal grants the well-endowed torso the name “Chad”, and proceeds to ride its dong without warning. Jay then walks in on the two, and instead of ruining their fun, suggests that he can join them for a pseudo threesome. Pleased with the offer, the king-sized slag pleasures both her lovers till climax.

Redhead Plumper Masturbation With Busty Andi Ray


Cute Andi Ray welcomes you to this fantastic redhead plumper masturbation session. The ginger babe is dressed in an arousing purple lingerie set. The laces and strings struggle to contain her juicy natural bristols as she takes her fiery strands of hair to the side in order to give us a better view of the main course. She then shakes her chest, allowing those heavenly milkers to dance like wild from side to side. But the mammary goodness is only just beginning, as Andi squeezes her boobs together for a cock-melting visage. The fat stunner then turns around to show off her booty, covered only by the single string of her slutty thong. She generously makes her cheeks bounce as she lifts them with her hands. Her meaty behind satisfyingly jiggles all around as she does so. Less than one minute in, Andi has firmly established her irresistible BBW status.

Andi Ray performs a torrid redhead plumper masturbation

Turning back towards the camera, Andi grabs her exquisite tits once more, playing all sorts of tricks with them before giving us a glimpse as to what she hides beneath her bra. More teasing ensues as a proper redhead plumper masturbation warrants a good setup, especially when it comes to how hard her audience is by the time she actually gets down to business. It is fair to say, no gent will find it hard to stay hard, so long as this goddess is on his screen. The chunky slut is now flaunting her ass once more. She drops her panties down and begins slapping and spreading that meaty bum till it’s nice and ready. Some more booby bouncing precedes the main event, and then finally, Andi pulls out a dildo and a vibrator. She goes on to fuck herself with them simultaneously till she orgasms.

Amateur Fat MILF Mia Cummins Plays With BBW Tiffany Star


Though she is no newbie when it comes to having sex with complete strangers, amateur fat MILF Mia Cummins has never actually done porn before. She has spent many years trying out new and exciting sexual experiences. And she is a long-time member of her local swinging community. Which in turn introduced her to Jeff’s Models, the studio she will be shooting for today. Uncharacteristically for her, she actually had her doubts about becoming an adult film actress. While she most certainly does not care about the societal repercussions of videos of her having sex being plastered everywhere online and accessible for just about anyone with an Internet-connected device; the cougar BBW still felt hesitant, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on the reason for her unusual concern. Perhaps she dreaded the thought of not being able to perform on camera as well as she did behind it.

Tiffany Star introduces amateur fat MILF Mia Cummins to the porn world

Regardless of whether the cause for Mia’s reluctance was the fear of underperforming. And in turn receiving a lot of negative comments that she knows she does not deserve. Or some other deep-seated worry that she cannot wrap her head around. She eventually managed to overcome her barriers and reached out to the studio to schedule her very first porn shoot. Unbeknownst to the amateur fat MILF, she was going to be escorted on her debut by none other than the young and beautiful BBW superstar Tiffany Star. The moment the two of them met behind the setting for their scene, Mia’s worries magically and instantly melted away. As if they were never there to begin with. What follows is an erotic solo introduction to this charming mature lady, as she prepares herself for her curvy lesbian partner. Then both she and Tiffany play with each other till orgasm.

Shy Plumper Actress Luna Lark Takes Her Sex Scene a Little Too Literally


Luna Lark has been known her entire life as that shy plumper girl you would rarely notice unless you bumped into her. It is something which has eaten away at her self-esteem for many many years, and she would love nothing more than to break down that personal wall, thus becoming a more extroverted and approachable person. Her first step on the road to self-improvement was taking up acting classes and starting her own amateur acting career. To her and everyone else’s surprise, she became quite successful. For someone who is only dabbling in performing arts for the sake of bettering their personal life, at least. Many casting directors found her withdrawn character quite adorable. And every one of her costars had nothing but positives to say about her. Sure, critics weren’t exactly showering her with praise, but that is not much of a concern to beautiful brunette.

Practicing for a mature-themed scene with shy plumper Luna Lark

Landing one role after the other and constantly interacting with new and different personalities has most definitely helped build Luna’s confidence. She is no longer that same shy plumper standing like a wallflower in every class and every hallway. However, a little trace of awkwardness is still there inside of her. And it comes out at the most unexpected of times. For example; she has landed a part as a minor character in an ongoing TV series. Her scene partner is an equally introverted skinny bloke called Chad, who secretly fancied her at first sight. And when the two of them read the line “They have sex” in their scripts, they nervously giggle and start to discuss how literal they should take it. Fast forward a few minutes, and Chad is balls-deep inside Luna’s juicy pussy. All that pleasure was certainly worth all the explaining they have to do later.

Newbie SSBBW Lacie Smith Makes Her Porn Debut


In a few minutes this statement will be very hard to believe, but this is the first time newbie SSBBW Lacie Smith has ever had sex on camera. The forever-horny Jay Crew introduces the pale mega plumper as he gives us a little insight as to how everything went on her first day participating in her very first porn shoot. Lacie was apparently quite nervous at the beginning, which is not unusual when a girl who’s never fucked on camera tries to do so for the first time. It is even more expected when that girl is not even an amateur adult actress, but someone who is jumping straight into studio porn despite never filming a single homemade sex tape before. Thankfully, this fat stunner is anything but innocent when it comes to the bedroom. And she is hoping to bring her off-camera skills to a much wider audience.

Getting to know newbie SSBBW Lacie Smith before railing her pussy

Jay asks the chunky belle how long it took her to get comfortable on set and with being nude on camera. A confidently casual “About 10 minutes” was Lacie’s answer. After a few more minutes of discussing how getting strap-on pounded by a girl for the first time felt, and whether newbie SSBBW Lacie Smith thinks it is any different from being plowed by a real man, it is about time the two of them got to work. The old bloke starts off by fondling the gorgeous lady’s breasts as he quickly frees them from her sheer black lingerie before lifting it from the bottom to reveal she isn’t wearing any panties. He then reaches to finger her cunt, and she rewards him by deepthroating his big staff. Jay proceeds to pummel his hefty partner in doggy and missionary, until he sprays his hot seed all over her meaty muff.

Busty Lesbian Plumpers Luna Lark and Kendra Lee Ryan


It has been almost an hour since busty lesbian plumpers Kendra Lee Ryan and Luna Lark got into their slutty underwear for what is supposed a threesome scene with one lucky chap. It appears however that their ungrateful costar is very much less than punctual for an experience that any other man would die for without second thought. The beautiful brunettes spend their time waiting as they help keep each other keep their lingerie in place. Understandably, the thin fabric is barely capable of containing their unreal assets. And so, their massive mouthwatering milkers keep spilling our of their poorly supported bras. Performing underwear maintenance for over an hour while waiting for a bloke who should’ve been there way before they arrived, has become to dull to keep up for the two thick goddesses. If the dude wants to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then so be it.

Making the most out of an unfortunate situation with lesbian plumpers Luna Lark and Kendra Lee Ryan

It is beyond obvious for everyone in the room that the BBW superstars will not be waiting any longer. But just because the colleague whose dick they were supposed to tag team is too lazy to get a piece of their king-sized goodness, does not mean the shoot has to be cancelled. Both busty lesbian plumpers Luna Lark and Kendra Lee Ryan are on the bed. And both of them are barely wearing anything at all. Instead of a rowdy fat threesome where the audience will barely be able to keep up with the action. Especially with all the juiciness bouncing around. Why not use this unexpected hurdle in the road to turn this in a hot passionate girl on girl scene? Neither curvy babe seems to disagree with the proposition. And the crew most certainly would not say no to witnessing such a cock-melting view.

Fat Babe Threesome With Kendra Lee Ryan and Luna Lark


The unsuspecting Jay Crew had no idea that walking into the bedroom would lead him to having a sensation fat babe threesome with goddesses Kendra Lee Ryan and Luna Lark, but he most certainly does not mind. He happened to enter the room just as the two brunette plumpers were finishing up their lovemaking session after two incredibly satisfying orgasms. While they are a bit embarrassed the Kendra and Luna are not that concerned about being caught, even though they know Jay has been looking around for the them the whole time while they had their faces buried in each other’s muffs. The old chap himself seems to take it lightly as well, everyone seems to be chilling and having fun. Looking at them you would almost forget that both girls are completely in the nude and embracing each other while they joke around with the grey-haired stud.

Joining Kendra and Luna for a fat babe threesome

Even though it is obvious to Jay that the two BBWs have just finished having sex, he still cannot help but suggest that he joins them for a fat babe threesome. The aged gent is a firm believer in the moto “You lose every chance you don’t take”. And so he throws his hat in the rain, despite knowing that it is highly unlikely for the chunky angles to let him in on their naughty practices. In a pleasant surprise, Luna and Kendra actually do not seem to mind hopping back on the bed for a second round, and Jay could not be happier about their reaction. After pulling his pants down and lying between the two hefty brunettes, the horny grandpa relaxes and enjoys the heavenly ride as his two escorts to paradise take turns melting his stiff shaft with their sweet lips and juicy pussies.

Brunette BBW Masturbation Featuring One Lucky Rubber Man


Smoking hot Luna Lark is here to perform one sizzling brunette BBW masturbation scene. She shows up with nothing but her sexy glasses and skimpy sheer lingerie. Her lovely brown hair strands rest gracefully on her shoulders. We start our journey of appreciation from the bottom, with a view of her delicious big belly hanging over her thin panty straps. Those meaty thighs are also a sight to behold. As we make our way up, we happen across the chunky babe’s hands fondling her phenomenal natural milkers. The over-encumbered bra does its best to contain the overly-sized funbags as their wielder jiggles them like wild, but it miserably fails to hold back all of the incredible juiciness held within those knockers. We are then greeted by Luna’s charmingly playful smile as she welcomes us with some more mouthwatering boob-squeezing. Who would ask for a better host on this smutty adventure?

Sex toys that are tailor-made for a brunette BBW masturbation session

Wanting everyone joining her to be at their absolute hardest when it comes to erections, Luna commences her favourite tactic, lewd talk. Her soft soothing voice can electrify any cock as she lustfully talks about what she wants you to do to her while continuing to play with her exquisite assets. Having readied her viewers well, it is finally time to free those divine jugs, and let them bounce to their heart’s content. The fat bombshell then turns her attention to those fine cheeks she has been unfairly neglecting this entire time. And so she turns around and starts twerking her phat booty for more hypnotising plumper goodness. With it finally being time for some brunette BBW masturbation, Luna rubs her clit for a bit before bringing out her rubber lover and starting to fellate his huge dong. Then she takes a ride on it straight into Orgasm Town.


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