Luna Lark has been known her entire life as that shy plumper girl you would rarely notice unless you bumped into her. It is something which has eaten away at her self-esteem for many many years, and she would love nothing more than to break down that personal wall, thus becoming a more extroverted and approachable person. Her first step on the road to self-improvement was taking up acting classes and starting her own amateur acting career. To her and everyone else’s surprise, she became quite successful. For someone who is only dabbling in performing arts for the sake of bettering their personal life, at least. Many casting directors found her withdrawn character quite adorable. And every one of her costars had nothing but positives to say about her. Sure, critics weren’t exactly showering her with praise, but that is not much of a concern to beautiful brunette.

Practicing for a mature-themed scene with shy plumper Luna Lark

Landing one role after the other and constantly interacting with new and different personalities has most definitely helped build Luna’s confidence. She is no longer that same shy plumper standing like a wallflower in every class and every hallway. However, a little trace of awkwardness is still there inside of her. And it comes out at the most unexpected of times. For example; she has landed a part as a minor character in an ongoing TV series. Her scene partner is an equally introverted skinny bloke called Chad, who secretly fancied her at first sight. And when the two of them read the line “They have sex” in their scripts, they nervously giggle and start to discuss how literal they should take it. Fast forward a few minutes, and Chad is balls-deep inside Luna’s juicy pussy. All that pleasure was certainly worth all the explaining they have to do later.