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Enchanting Leila Lewis is here to put on the most exquisite BBW solo show to ever be filmed, or at least try to. Dressed in a slutty light-blue see-through outfit, she wastes no time on pointless introductions. She knows every horny man watching this video with his dick in his hand is only looking for one thing. And that is to worship those fine, fine plumper curves with his eyes as he strokes his shaft. Thus the alluring brunette gets straight to work, flaunting her big natural boobs, with those nipple piercings peeking through the fabric. Before moving on to her mouthwatering round belly and fat butt. She squeezes and squashes her milkers together as she shakes her juicy body. Lasciviously teasing the viewer before finally releasing the pups from their tight-fitting prison. Leila then continues to play with her jugs and starts licking her nipples.

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Now that it is officially stripping time, the fat bombshell can finally set her yummy round belly free and rub it to her heart’s content. She then bends over, putting her large behind at the centre of attention. Slapping her meaty cheeks like a submissive slut, she takes off her skirt afterwards, leaving nothing on but the sexy high heels on her feet. It is time to start the show, and demonstrate all of her lewd BBW solo skills to her many admirers. Leila opens up by making her phat booty dance as she shakes and twerks it. She then spreads wide, revealing her lustful holes that are begging for pleasure. Convinced that was more than enough teasing, the chunky tart sits down and parts her legs. She rubs and fingers her hairy pussy before pulling out a fake rubber cock that she proceeds to fuck till orgasm.

Blonde BBW Melts Her Masseur’s Big Cock


An average masseur appointment for stunning blonde BBW Luna Storm has quickly turned into a fetishist’s wet dream. While she did not have any impure intentions on her way to the establishment, she simply could not hold back her desires after seeing the stack of exciting sex toys adorning the professional’s equipment dresser. Since her girlfriends had already warned her about the old masseur’s reputation for rewarding his clients with some extra special services, and said services being highly demanded due to how good he is at providing them, she was not surprised at the sight of such explicit tools being openly displayed in front of a first-time client such as herself. When the mature man asked her to undress, Luna’s mind quickly jumped to the sluttiest of outcomes. At that moment, she couldn’t care less about the rubdown she came for, the only thing on her mind was sex.

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The expert starts off by applying a vibrator to Luna’s sensitive nipples before slowly sliding down towards her exposed twat. He pushes the sex toy deep inside of her muff as he pulls out his wiener and allows her to go to town on it. He then uses his other hand to furiously rub her clit while the denma shakes up her insides. Now that they are on the same page regarding what the blonde BBW really wants out of this massage, it is time to get to business. She starts off by stripping the grandpa down and oiling him up, before she reaches for his stiff dong and starts working her magic, taking it throat-deep. With the big cock all lubed up using an authentic mixture of oil and saliva, it is time for her to take it on a long hard ride all the way to Cum Town.

BBW Threesome With Two Brunette Stunners


Could there ever be a more perfect setting for a spontaneous BBW threesome, than walking in on two smoking hot babes in the nude? It might seems like something straight out of an ungraspable fantasy, but for this mature gent, it is as real as the huge jugs on the plumpers his eyes are feasting on. As for the girls, breathtaking Luna Lark and Kendra Lee Ryan, they have just finished having the best lesbian sex of their entire lives, and were enjoying some sensual post-coital cuddling as they lie on the bed. Rather than be upset at the unexpected interruption, the lewd beauties see it as an opportunity for even more rowdy fun. Because when it comes to desirous chunky vixens like them, three is always a party, never a crowd. And thus, they decide to ask the intruder to join them for a second round of naked pleasures.

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While flabbergasted at the thick bombshells’ request, the older chap keeps his cool and quickly communicates his approval by reaching for a passionate kiss, putting the torrid BBW threesome into motion. After locking lips with Kendra and Luna, the guy hastily pulls down his pants, revealing his plonker, which has become stiff enough to snap a brick in half. The courteous hotties respond by getting into position, with their fat asses up and mouths ready to lunge at the rock-hard joystick. After serving him with their cock-melting lips, they take turns squeezing his rod between their divine soft breasts. With the tool being more erect than it has ever been, it is time to put it to use. The wanton chicks compete for their lover’s attention, taking his dick in every position, until he gives them one hot load to share after he leaves.

BBW Booty Was Too Good to Miss Out on Anal


Gorgeous art student Chelsea Dagger has one fine BBW booty that she will be putting to good use today. She rented space from an older gentleman who was kind enough to help. Despite her contacting him about her need for a studio only hours in advance. The brunette plumper is barely done thanking the man for his assistance, when she receives a message from her friend, who was supposed to act as the model for her assignment today. Apparently he will not be able to make it on time. And while she does not disclose the details, she is clearly beyond frustrated with her mate’s shitty excuse for flaking on her. Just when she thought she made it past the biggest hurdle of her day, Chelsea finds herself in quite the predicament. She will have to get creative if she is to turn in her school project on time.

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Once again saving the chunky student from guaranteed failure, the mature chap (who happens to be a teacher himself) volunteers to be her model. Even though he has papers to grade, he simply can’t leave a cute young lady like Chelsea to deal with such an unfortunate fate like this. Unbeknownst to the kindhearted grandpa however, this is no casual modelling session. The class that the curvy babe is trying to pass, is centred around the shape of the human body. Naturally, that means that he will have to get completely nude for her to draw him. However, once the chick’s eyes make contact with the guy’s huge schlong, she finds it impossible to resist touching. One thing leads to another, and the grey-haired feller soon finds himself shoving his shaft up Chelsea’s BBW booty. And pummeling it like his life depends on it.

Busty BBW Just Wants to Fuck, Screw the Plot


Walking into a poorly-planned porn set with a busty BBW, this mature bloke is feeling somewhat bummed out. He has been doing this for so many years, that he’s become jaded from the thousands of low-effort attempts at creating a “plot” that he’s had to participate in. His costar, hot redhead Andi Ray, certainly seems to agree, as she herself has had her fair share of lousy storylines that were becoming overused 20 years ago. The two discuss their feelings about the need for a script, and quickly come to agree that nobody really cares about story in porn, people just want to see torrid, raw, passionate sex. And the sooner they get to that part of the video, the happier everyone involved is. The performers’ mutual frustration leads them to the conclusion that they most definitely would rather just start fornicating and have the post-production team ‘cut to sex’.

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After helping her strip down to her erotic lingerie, the horny grandpa takes his time eating the sexy plumper’s ass and pussy. Completely burying his face between her fat cheeks, Andi’s moans fill the room with a lustful mist as she twerks up and down her partner’s tongue. Wishing to return the favour, the busty BBW then gets down on her knees and presents her mouth for the hungry old shaft. Her pretty mouth is not the only thing the grizzly geezer is planning to fuck however. Knowing this, she put her big natural boobs together and tugs his hardened pecker between them. Then she proceeds to give him a cock-melting boobjob. Done with foreplay, the gent ploughs his fiery lady’s position in every position she can think of, making sure to spray her pink juicy pussy lips with his warm seed for a sizzling climax.


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